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About me....there aren't many ways to describe me really... or maybe there is to many...haha.
I'm young... i keep thinking i'm not still young and stupid but then something proves me wrong. Guess thats just how that goes. I'm happy and energetic if i think your worth my time...I'm shy but outgoing when i get to know you. I'm one of the biggest dorks I know... and i like it that way. I like to have fun but i know the difference between wrong and right. I would do anything for the ones i love... and i would jump off a cliff to save a life even if it meant destroying my own. so i guess you could say i wear my heart on my sleeve but i also don't like to hold back much so if you hurt me be prepared for my wrath cuz sometimes it can be painful. When you meet me you may think you know who i am but your wrong cuz i'm usually unpredictable. I love art!... painting,drawing,writting,reading,making jewelry, etc.( that list could go on forever)I may not be good at all the things i try but i always give it my all until i have nothing left to give... I enjoy having an opinion and if you mean something to me I am likely to share it with you even if you don't like it. In my opinion I am a crazy bitch... but others say i'm not as crazy as I think (this may be true but who knows) I try my best not to judge people but due to trust issues, this is the first thing i do...I love music! without it i would DIE! i don't have a lot of favorites cuz those are to hard to choose. I kinda wanna be an english teacher...but i haven't decided.... i'm good at babbling when i'm not paying attention...

ummmmmmmmmm.... idk what else i guess if theres something i missed you might find it in my journal....but i'm mostly a secretive person so u might not who knows... check it out anyway :) :P
'To be different is ones inspiration'-me