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It seems i can no longer sleep...if i do it's to the tears that fall from my face. I miss my little brothers so much...i miss the annoying things they always do..i miss their smiles..their laughs...but most of all i miss watching them grow up. The time i've missed can't be given back...but my mom doesn't seem to understand this nor does she care

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*love and hugs* any word on their custody yet? id call your text you but we didnt pay the phone bill so we cant make out going calls.. just receive calls and texts... tell me whats up! im sad you werent at the show! but shit happens! and there will be tons more to go toooo..

Thanks...there's no word on the custody,there was suppose to be court date but scott hasn't gotten a letter about it yet. I've tried to call but no mom sucks...yea we really wanted to go to the show but we got a mile away from the house and the truck was already halfway over heated so we had to turn around :( but like you said there will be more shows,. How was it by the way?

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