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Writer's Block: Take the pain away
Why are you so fricken crazy...Do you think you could get yourself on some meds! Hey maybe you could let me see my brothers!!!!!!!!! While your at it you can stop talking to my best friend and remember IM YOUR FUCKING DAUGHTER!!!!!! Seriously how could you talk to my best friend and not me...Do you still wish you would have given me up for adoption? Oh and maybe you could stop talking to my dad to he's not yours anymore you gave that up long ago,you don't deserve him and he doesn't need your shit... did it ever occur to you that your acting like a succubus ...or maybe that i could love you as a mother if you could just grow up and act like one... did you know that everyday i worry that i will end up just like you? do you know i think you already know this and want me to be your spitting image.... Well guess what fuck all that you'll never change you'll never know how much you hurt me everyday without even saying a word. you kill me... You take away every breath that you gave me... you take away my hope you take away my love you take away my soul... in the end you have left me with nothing but pain... and memories that i wish didn't play in my head all the time... you left with your fake smiles your hugs that feel as fake as your words...and a heart that will never mend a mind that will never stop turning... a reminder to trust no one not even the ones you hold closest to your heart....
it's obvious who this is to.. and yes i've tried saying this to her without all the insult... do i think it will ever make her wake up and smell the coffee, nope...


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