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some people! man
The nerve of some people! I mean for real the things they say sometimes just makes me want to hit something...
My drunk uncle just came over, it was pleasant NOT! he brought my Uncle dales dog, baby girl, back to our house today because she bit him twice. Now I understand he's pissed she bit him and that he doesn't like her anymore, but he had no right what so ever to say what he did. He seriously said to me he should shot the f*ing dog...for one thats a straight insult to uncle dale. Babe is uncle dales baby, and just like uncle dale she has an opinion of who she likes and doesn't like and well drunk uncle is right up there on the list i guess. which is understandable cuz he's definitely not such a great guy. As soon as you say something about Babe you get to hear what i have to say because i will defend her till the day she's passes on... because that is what uncle dale would have wanted..when he passed he expected Babe would be loved, taken care of, and accepted as family. So in his honor and because babe is such a great dog I will stand up for her... even if my words aren't so kind...drunk uncle is just lucky i didn't say any of the things that he wouldn't have liked very much...


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